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When I first moved to Philly and went out for a beer with friends, someone suggested I order a “ying ling.”  I thought it was a Chinese beer.  Ironic, because Yuengling is actually the largest brewery in the US that is NOT foreign owned.   (We say US, because there was another foreign assault on their historic [North] American claim some years ago. )   So it’s hard to understand why this iconic American brew would be the object of a boycott by Union labor

So a good Teamster won’t be buying American when he’s ordering a cold one.  He’ll be buying Belgian, cause that Bud’s for U (U meaning Union made).

Hmmm…buying a traditionally American beer from a foreign-owned, unionized company and boycotting the American-owned company?  Seems like even getting a simple buzz involves some cognitive dissonance in these globalized times.

That decertification at the brewery must have left the Teamsters feeling pretty deflated…