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Not content to sit on his laurels, Bart Blatstein is already conceptualizing his next development opportunity in Philadelphia. The brilliant cosmopolitan developer who gave us the Piazza, and soon The Provence (no, NOT Le Provence, that would just be pretentious) is eyeing up other world cultures to which he can pay homage with a dazzling world class urban resort.

Sure, Bart already has LOTS OF MONEY, but he cares about Philly and about making it a world capital by increasing his capital.  Tweaking world cultures and adding a little glam will turn Philadelphia into a real live Epcot Center, only better —  it’ll have GAMBLING!  Here’s a little global taste of what Bart has in store for us:

GdansKasino. With an underlying nod to the importance of General Kozckiusko as a Revolutionary war ally, and taking over the decaying USS United States, it will be a Polish-shipping-port themed hotel, casino and Polka dance club!  Look for an upscale branch of Syrenka as the resort’s premiere dining destination!

He’ll revitalize the Holmesburg section of Philly by creating the Great Wall Resort and Pachinko Parlor behind the great walls of the former Holmesburg prison.  A partnership with one of America’s finest Asian restaurants, P.F. Changs, will transport gamers to the Far (north) East!

A partnership with Caesars Entertainment and Little Caesars Pizza is in the works for the Navy Yard to create the ultimate South Philly destination!  And you thought the Piazza was the quintessential Italian experience?  This resort truly will be molto bene!

So who needs to schlep all over the world when the world is right here in Philadelphia?  Especially when places like Rome and Paris and Barcelona DON’T HAVE GAMBLING right in the middle of their downtowns.  Gaming makes the difference between an okay city and a great city.


Is it possible that there are people in this city who think it’s a BAD idea for large men to sucker punch smaller women?  Even if the puncher is a uniformed public servant and the victim is an annoying drunk?   Well, if you’re one of those hard-core Philadelphians who think it’s normal for the police to be wailing on the citizenry then you should exercise your right to PARTY!  The FOP is offering beer, food, music and mixed drinks in support of the beefy officer who simply defended himself from an out-of-control skinny lady.  I wonder if there’ll be any games…?  Anyway,  it’s just nice to know that there’s ONE place left on the East Coast where gals are taught their place.  Thank goodness it’s always 1957 in Philadelphia!


We’ve had Reaganomics and, now, Obamanomics, but closer to home we may be seeing a new mayoral riff on “the dismal science.”  This being the Greenest City in America, we’d like to call this brand of financial finagling: EcoNutmix.

The principals of EcoNutmix seem to include starving the union beast, raising property taxes during an economic downturn, and spending lavishly on a fancy concert for you celeb friends.

Philly’s unionized workforce (folks forced to reside in the city; aka taxpayers) has not seen any sort of raise, step increase, or cost of living allowance in over 3 years, but HAVE seen increases in health insurance premiums and union dues (Thanks, DC47!).  And our mayor has refused to make a good faith effort to negotiate these economic (and other) issues with union leadership, so his recent invitation seems a bit Romney-esque.  (Rumor has it that Nutter is headed to DC if the Dems are reelected, but maybe he’s playing both sides of the political coin in order to insure he can get outta Dodge?)  The mayor has invited all city employees to meet with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (yes that’s a trademarked term).

Though it probably really is the people living paycheck to paycheck who are in greatest need of financial advice…