Philadelphia City Council: Ungreening by Undoing Zoning Code Reform

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Green, Hou$ing/Real E$tate, Politricks

Thank god someone in city hall is finally reigning in the riduculous misuse of valuable real estate in this city.  Some of these are large plots of land that are used by crazy hippie types to GROW FOOD!  Helllooo…um, food comes from the grocery store.  And grocery stores EMPLOY PEOPLE and PAY TAXES.  Land is for development, not so some dilletantes can pretend they’re under the Tuscan sun…

Luckily, Brian O’Neill is taking us back to the good old days of Philly zoning, when you could have a nice hat factory or a smelter in your neighborhood.  Not some useless plot of cabbages taking up valuable commercial space.  He’s not going to let 2 years of zoning reform stop him from keeping the Far Northeast just the  way it was since the mid-century.  His new bill sends the clear message that we liked our zoning just fine, thank yous very much.  Brian’s been on council longer than anyone, so he’s probably more nostalgic for Philly’s political salad days when cronyism outweighed crop-raising.

What even is a community garden anyway???


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