From Dipsomania to Academia: Corbett Offers $1 Billion Windfall to Schools from Sale of State Stores

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Bidness, Eating/Drinking, Politricks

It’s curious that this news coincides with the Constitution Center’s  exhibit on Prohibition

Our cosmopolitan governor is once again trying to sell off the state’s liquor stores (maybe after he went to France he adopted a more laissez faire attitude toward demon rum).  This attempt at privatization has been unsuccessfully proposed many times…

Our laws were crafted back in Prohibition days so it’s way past time to modernize them.  Why has it taken so long?  Well, for starters there are going to be plenty of well-connected losers if the old system is dismantled:  beer distributors, some douchebags on the PLCB, and possibly the store owners just over the borders of Delaware and NJ.  But us consumers might just be a little better off in local stores where the employees know SOMETHING about the products they sell.




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