PA Ranks 26th in Health Nationwide — Maybe Corbett can Change That…Say, to 50th?

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Fracking, Health, Politricks

If you had an inkling that Governor Corbett cares little for the health of the Keystone State, you could find plenty of evidence to support that view.  He’s lost three cabinet members within a few months.  They are the Commonwealth’s secretary of health,  the public welfare secretary, and now the head of the DEP.  To have so many public health-related resignations in the middle of a term makes you wonder if anyone’s in charge in that arena.  Granted, the ex-officials weren’t exactly Mother Teresas…Health’s Eli Avila left with egg on his face;


public welfare’s Gary Alexander was a little Scrooge-like with public assistance;


and DEP’s Krancer had his own questionable environmental issues.

Some temporary replacements may be better, but some are definitely worse – like a professional politician who was a shill for Pfizer.

So a drug marketer is in charge of our health and a drug enforcer is in charge of our environment.  At least there are no scientists messing up the good “energy” between the governor and his contributors.



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