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Much media attention has been focused on pro-Russian “resisters” Putin’ the crime in Crimea, but recently we’ve had a few totalitarian moves of our own here in town.  We’re always saying that it’s 1957 in Philadelphia, and in fact this seems like Cold War-era activity – but in the USSR!   NOT in the USofA!  Uniformed members of the state allowed to run roughshod over minority shopkeepers (well, they are capitalists…)?  These are activities that make the PPD have more in common with Russian thugs than public service – more brownshirts than men in blue.  And their comrade, John McNesby (could anyone look MORE like an overfed member of the Politburo???), not only denies the allegations, but believes his FOP members should receive extra rubles for lost overtime despite NEVER having worked the overtime.

In a nice bit of newspeak, Officer Tolstoy (is it some amazing dystopian coincidence that one of the officers investigated by the grand jury just happens to have the last name Tolstoy???) is the head of a Public Safety charter high school.  I hope they’re teaching the proper “surveillance” techniques to their young pioneers.

But there will be no gulag for these goons.  In a clear demonstration that these thugs have the full backing of the state, they are absolved from all prosecution. Perhaps PROSECUTION is the operative word here.  If they were to be prosecuted, is it possible that all those cases that they had their corrupt hands on would have to be reexamined?  Is Seth Williams keeping the lid on a potential Pandora’s box of false arrests and future lawsuits?  It’s chilling to think that keeping criminal cops on the force is the path of least resistance.  If I’d been arrested by one of these public servants I’d have a Constitutional lawyer on retainer…




Is Upper Darby the crazy crime capital of Pennsylvania, or has its publicity-seeking police chief created that impression?  Well, from stashes of frozen cats to daughters gnawing on their moms  to families of naked, musical protesters, there does seem to be plenty of offbeat offenses.

And is it just us or do an inordinate number of these crimes involve inappropriate sexual conduct…?

  • A predatory foot fetishist who sprayed an anti-fungal on boys’ feet which he then proceeded to tickle while “pleasuring” himself
  • Lesbians having sex in a local McDonalds and violently driven from the restaurant by other patrons yelling anti-gay epithets
  • A latex-loving dominatrix connected to more than one suspicious death
  • A well-lubricated, self-abuser exposing himself and then taking cops on a low-speed chase

And now add to that the corpulent couple copulating in full view of two dozen bike cops.  That’s one ride those officers won’t soon forget.  Maybe Upper Darby cops should be considered Pubic Servants…


Are we supposed to believe the city just now found Yuengling’s bill in a pile on somebody’s desk?  The timing of this is curious, nobody downtown is saying much, and trying to determine what’s really going on is complicated…

Local 830 of the Teamsters Union was the bargaining unit at the brewery, but they were decertified back in 2006.  (It should be noted that this is the same Philly-based union that fiercely opposed Mayor Nutter’s “destructive” soda tax back in 2011.) There are claims that Dick Yuengling threatened to shut down the Pottsville  plant and ship the jobs elsewhere if the workforce didn’t dump the union.  However, there are some who think this is simply not true.  But just last fall there were reports that Dick was in fact considering a move.  Plenty of PA folks don’t want to lose this iconic brand so cutting the owner a business break might be something state legislators would do.  Is Yuengling strong-arming the state for some public money?

Meanwhile, the Teamsters are not happy with Yuengling. The local’s PAC has supported Larry Farnese, Patrick Murphy and Mike O’Brien, so they probably have broad political support in this union town.  Has pressure been exerted on city hall to support the Teamsters?  Is it possible Yuengling really is fleeing the state, so we’re gonna give them a kick in the ass before they go? Is this Philly’s way of saying f**k you, we don’t need your crappy beer (and with Yards, Dock Street, and Flying Fish we’re probably right)?

This being Philly and union business, I suspect there’s more to come and it ain’t gonna be pretty…

Hey, Dick.  What's worse than finding A horse's head in your bed...?

Hey, Dick. What’s worse than finding A horse’s head in your bed…?

Is it possible that there are people in this city who think it’s a BAD idea for large men to sucker punch smaller women?  Even if the puncher is a uniformed public servant and the victim is an annoying drunk?   Well, if you’re one of those hard-core Philadelphians who think it’s normal for the police to be wailing on the citizenry then you should exercise your right to PARTY!  The FOP is offering beer, food, music and mixed drinks in support of the beefy officer who simply defended himself from an out-of-control skinny lady.  I wonder if there’ll be any games…?  Anyway,  it’s just nice to know that there’s ONE place left on the East Coast where gals are taught their place.  Thank goodness it’s always 1957 in Philadelphia!


We’ve had Reaganomics and, now, Obamanomics, but closer to home we may be seeing a new mayoral riff on “the dismal science.”  This being the Greenest City in America, we’d like to call this brand of financial finagling: EcoNutmix.

The principals of EcoNutmix seem to include starving the union beast, raising property taxes during an economic downturn, and spending lavishly on a fancy concert for you celeb friends.

Philly’s unionized workforce (folks forced to reside in the city; aka taxpayers) has not seen any sort of raise, step increase, or cost of living allowance in over 3 years, but HAVE seen increases in health insurance premiums and union dues (Thanks, DC47!).  And our mayor has refused to make a good faith effort to negotiate these economic (and other) issues with union leadership, so his recent invitation seems a bit Romney-esque.  (Rumor has it that Nutter is headed to DC if the Dems are reelected, but maybe he’s playing both sides of the political coin in order to insure he can get outta Dodge?)  The mayor has invited all city employees to meet with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (yes that’s a trademarked term).

Though it probably really is the people living paycheck to paycheck who are in greatest need of financial advice…

Nobody would ever accuse our boys in blue of being Meek, but what are they going to do with all those motorized vehicles…?

It seems the Pennsylvania Convention Center has come a long way in terms of customer service for conventioneers. Now it is MUCH less likely that union employees will shut down all the electricity in advance of your conference like they did back in 2004.

It should be stressed, however,  that poor customer relations IS NOT a Union problem!  Union boss, “Johnny Doc”  Dougherty, has called for privatization of the center by some worthy corporation (like a subsidiary of his political patron, Comcast) in order to improve customer service…It’s the unprofessional, local bureaucrats who ruin the convention experience, NOT the unions.  Sure, there are a few complicated work rules and maybe an extra fee or two, but Philly’s a complicated place with lots of history.

Okay, so maybe a few tools, destined for charity, went missing when the True Value folks were in town, but that could have happened anywhere.   And it’s a big country with lots of convention centers so not EVERY convention can be in Philly, and some groups don’t come back.  It CAN’T be because of poor services at OUR facility.  There’s surely some other explanation…

But what happens if by some chance we DON’T have enough conferences and conventions in our center??  What becomes of such a large empty building?

Here’s a quote from John McNesby, an official with the Fraternal Order of Police:

He’s not respecting the uniform.  People died for that uniform. It’s not Halloween.

Who was he speaking about?

If you guessed the ACTUAL POLICE OFFICER then you would be right.  In Philadelphia, there’s no crime we hate worse than a thought crime.  You can sell drugs, not pay your bills, create hazards for public servants, pummel innocent bystanders on the street, and a few other nefarious activities and you’ll probably get away with it.  If you engage in this sort of behavior because of SOME IDEOLOGY then you’re gonna get beat down.  Blocking traffic and destroying private property as part of a Phillies celebration — no problem.  Blocking traffic in an effort to call attention to economic inequality in America — you’re a menace to society!

We should probably just abolish the 1st Amendment – it causes so much trouble – and make the 2nd Amendment #1.  It’s almost impossible for the average Philly cop to understand some sort of ideological argument, but easy to shoot somebody.  Why should they be forced to think so hard when they’d much rather just taser perps?  If we’re going to hold that 2nd Amendment sacred, then it might be best to eliminate the 1st.  Then, people might really think twice about opening their big mouths, so they’d be much less likely to get shot once everybody’s packing.  A win-win proposition.