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Let’s support Santorum in all his sartorial splendor!



Much media attention has been focused on pro-Russian “resisters” Putin’ the crime in Crimea, but recently we’ve had a few totalitarian moves of our own here in town.  We’re always saying that it’s 1957 in Philadelphia, and in fact this seems like Cold War-era activity – but in the USSR!   NOT in the USofA!  Uniformed members of the state allowed to run roughshod over minority shopkeepers (well, they are capitalists…)?  These are activities that make the PPD have more in common with Russian thugs than public service – more brownshirts than men in blue.  And their comrade, John McNesby (could anyone look MORE like an overfed member of the Politburo???), not only denies the allegations, but believes his FOP members should receive extra rubles for lost overtime despite NEVER having worked the overtime.

In a nice bit of newspeak, Officer Tolstoy (is it some amazing dystopian coincidence that one of the officers investigated by the grand jury just happens to have the last name Tolstoy???) is the head of a Public Safety charter high school.  I hope they’re teaching the proper “surveillance” techniques to their young pioneers.

But there will be no gulag for these goons.  In a clear demonstration that these thugs have the full backing of the state, they are absolved from all prosecution. Perhaps PROSECUTION is the operative word here.  If they were to be prosecuted, is it possible that all those cases that they had their corrupt hands on would have to be reexamined?  Is Seth Williams keeping the lid on a potential Pandora’s box of false arrests and future lawsuits?  It’s chilling to think that keeping criminal cops on the force is the path of least resistance.  If I’d been arrested by one of these public servants I’d have a Constitutional lawyer on retainer…



Maybe WE should do a study



In a queer bit of totalitarianism, a Cuban sex educator has been barred from travelling outside a 25 mile perimeter of New York City.  Scholar, writer, educator, and gay rights activist, Mariela Castro will not be able to visit Philly to accept an award at Equality Forum.  Isn’t it nice that America believes in freedom!  And comforting that it also believes in curtailing the activities of crazy communists who are a threat just off our shores!   Yes, the current Cuban regime is no saint and arbitrarily arrests and imprisons people, but that’s what dictatorships do and something the US would NEVER do!  We do not detain or imprison foreign nationals unless they are fairly tried and convicted of a crime…right?


If an official is fired because he’s opposed to timbering in state parks and almost nobody hears about it, should we care?  With the exodus of a number of high-ranking officials from the Corbett administration (like rats from a sinking ship) why worry about a single firing?

Well, maybe because this particular state employee seemed to do his job extremely well in the face of industry pressure.  John Norbeck increased park attendance as well as the accompanying revenue, and even his performance reviews were top notch.  The one thing he didn’t do was knuckle under to the logging and mining interests in the state – some of whom are big Corbett contributors.

Michael Krancer, on the other hand, has been praised by those mining interests.  Though it’s not clear whether these two men ever tangled, you wonder if firing a highly respected public servant who worked diligently to protect our environment, might be even a little dismaying to the head of the DEP…?

Krancer has served Corbett well, but he appears to be a smart guy – not the type to actually deny the reality of climate change.  One wonders if he just got tired of defending such an anti-environmental administration as the leader of the state’s Department of ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION?

Krancer may not be a great loss for Corbett, as he has attracted controversy, and the fewer guys like Norbeck you have, the less you have to worry about annoying things like scientific evidence…So it looks like the administration is lean and mean and in tip top shape for reelection!

Smarter than the av-er-age boors?

Smarter than your av-er-age boors?

If you had an inkling that Governor Corbett cares little for the health of the Keystone State, you could find plenty of evidence to support that view.  He’s lost three cabinet members within a few months.  They are the Commonwealth’s secretary of health,  the public welfare secretary, and now the head of the DEP.  To have so many public health-related resignations in the middle of a term makes you wonder if anyone’s in charge in that arena.  Granted, the ex-officials weren’t exactly Mother Teresas…Health’s Eli Avila left with egg on his face;


public welfare’s Gary Alexander was a little Scrooge-like with public assistance;


and DEP’s Krancer had his own questionable environmental issues.

Some temporary replacements may be better, but some are definitely worse – like a professional politician who was a shill for Pfizer.

So a drug marketer is in charge of our health and a drug enforcer is in charge of our environment.  At least there are no scientists messing up the good “energy” between the governor and his contributors.


Why can’t most politicians act like normal grown-ups?  Didn’t their mothers ever tell them to just ignore the person calling them names?