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Today’s Daily News provides a creepy glimpse into what fuels Arlen’s ardor…Seems like there was more than one motor running on McCain’s campaign bus last election season, and Arlen writes about it in his new book.  This passionate passage shows he may be an old goat, but clearly there’s still a fire in the furnace…



Really, what else can we say…?

What's a penal institution!?!



Here’s our favorite criminal investigation insight of the year, by the Upper Darby police chief.

“Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood confirmed that Stelzenmuller was wearing a “rubber swimming suit” when he was found dead in the attic of his home. While no foul play is immediately suspected, Chitwood said he believes there is “more to it” than Stelzenmuller just trying on scuba equipment.”

We think there may be more to it as well.  In fact we might start with the admission that we’re not really even talking about scuba gear as normally understood…

And the winner of the Passional Boutique gift certificate is...


Thank god we still have sensible business people like Donna Saber trying to do their part to stop the downward spiral into moral decay that continues every day in our society.  Okay, so maybe as a business person she’s not all that sensible…

Donna Saber's Relationship and Business Advice?

When an established couple splits after a long time, everyone wants to know why.  Phunny Philly is certainly not above idle gossip, but being ever so slightly prone to conspiracy theories, we wonder if current speculation is really on the mark.  With a little digging we’ve found some ponderous comments leading us to believe there may be a third party involved in this very friendly separation  

David Cohen, of Comcast, has known the former governor for many years and appears to be involved in the situation in some way, as evidenced by this comment:

…”Although Ed and Midge Rendell are obviously a public couple, this decision is a personal one and a private one,” said David L. Cohen, the former governor’s longtime close friend and confidant.  

And what about this strange quote (in the same article) from a woman who appears to be close to the former governor?

“If I were a man, and not 6 feet tall and blond, would this even be an issue?” asked Snow, who was Miss Pennsylvania in 1994.

 Seems to me these two have been in bed together before…

Another merger?