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PHA is trying to boost employee morale.  I wonder if it’ll be like the Oprah show where everyone in the audience gets a new stove or dishwasher?  After PHA workers allegedly stole millions of dollars worth of building materials, including  stainless-steel kitchen appliances, you think they might be able to do that…

What is still almost impossible to believe in this whole situation is that the PHA board was completely ignorant of any illegal activity.  I realize they’re mostly a bunch of do-gooders, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this sort of thing hit the news stands soon…

Hey, somebody forgot to remove that Home Depot label!


One of America’s most talented city managers is back in town with a new gig.  Even though she only lasted two years, she improved and streamlined government with impressive programs like PhillyStat…oh, uh..well it seemed like a good idea originally.  Anyway, I’m sure she was hired in a highly competitive process at UPenn (there are lots of warm congratulatory wishes at this link).  I hope she is also being paid what she’s worth, because that $50,000 a year pension she bought only goes so far.

Camille Barnett teaching street smarts at UPenn

Kudos to Charles McPherson!  I guess City Council wanted to bring in some new blood…Well, maybe some old new blood.  Though it is amazing how much things can change in a year.

Is it possible that this guy could actually KEEP his job!?! This is Philly after all…

Or is it a Housing party...?