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It looks like the faithful coming for the papal visit in September will be making a true, old fashioned pilgrimage. As in, they will have to walk for miles. It appears that the security will be even more stalwart than the faith of the followers with a “security perimeter” that will stretch for blocks. Which doesn’t exactly radiate a welcoming spirit…


As of now the security measures have not been carved in stone, but it’s not going to be any paradise for the locals. Roads, highways, and even bridges may be closed. Philly Mag thinks we should get some forbearance since this is such a colossal undertaking.

And our esteemed Mayor has even traveled to the Holy See to get some logistical pointers.

Perhaps the multitudes will not be as great as first thought – reports of disillusionment with the pontiff have been brought to light.

Regardless of the potential mess on the ground, it will be a rapturous time for many Catholics and an economic godsend for local businesses.

In terms of actual logistics, the devil may be in the details…

Stamp of the Inaccessible City

Let’s stamp out any appearance of ungraciousness!  (Translation: I’m tired of walking. How many more kilometers?)


Looks like the Ducks will be back in business next spring, but on the other river.    Some of the thrill will definitely be gone in the switch from the Delaware to the Schuylkill — with no out-of-control barges to dodge for example.   Perhaps this is why the mayor keeps reminding everyone how interesting and scenic the Schuylkill is.   But the company said the extra traffic was not a consideration.    The implication remains that the Schuylkill is safer than the Delaware , but many people don’t think it’s the location that’s a problem.  It’s the boats themselves…

How can we be so sure they won't quack up again...?

Philly came in second place to New York, yet again…But for once, THAT’S A GOOD THING!

And a national bedbug convention was held in Chicago last week to try and get a handle on this nationwide scourge.  In the meantime, lets hope we continue to fall in the rankings!

Seems the recent dust-up at the housing authority has seriously irritated one of its board members and now John Street is fighting back by trash talking Michael Nutter.

One of his criticisms seems a bit odd in that he claims Nutter is not a black mayor.  It looks like Street is now courting the next African American mayoral hopeful — Sam Katz!  That’s right, and Sam has been meeting with his peeps to see if he got skillz and, uh, to see if anyone will actually vote for him.

One of America’s most talented city managers is back in town with a new gig.  Even though she only lasted two years, she improved and streamlined government with impressive programs like PhillyStat…oh, uh..well it seemed like a good idea originally.  Anyway, I’m sure she was hired in a highly competitive process at UPenn (there are lots of warm congratulatory wishes at this link).  I hope she is also being paid what she’s worth, because that $50,000 a year pension she bought only goes so far.

Camille Barnett teaching street smarts at UPenn

Just a little reminder that it will soon be that time again…

Both today’s Inquirer and Daily News had stories about the latest issue that has kept us a laughingstock…

Likely another slick move by City Council because the issue does not affect them at all. Not for the reason you think, that they’re total Luddites, but because, well…