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We have a rich history in Philly, and I’m all for preserving our architectural heritage, but there’s historic and then there’s “historic.”   Important buildings get demolished every day by developers with the right connections.   And with all the decaying infrastructure in our fair city, is this really the best use of a $5,000.000.00 grant?

Then and Now (not pretty, but still seems to work fine…)

Perhaps Rep. Fattah thinks that restoring the cherubs in the 33rd & Dauphin Street station will make the locals act more like angels.  A man can dream can’t he?  But, he could also probably find a better use for this money.

Photo by Joel Spivak of the station interior — designed in the days before all hell broke loose

(If you’re interested in the history of trolleys in Philly…click here.)


(Inquirer headline 8/4/10)